The Four Crow Story is written by D. Stephenson Bond
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Descriptive Allowance of The Four Crow Story
By: David

"By its very nature such an experience compels expression
and elaboration, as if it will not let us go until, through us,
it can be self-known."
-D. Stephenson Bond

"The potential is not consciously chosen, but subjectively perceived."
-D. Stephenson Bond

This speaks volumes. Through every aspect of existence we might
find this hidden truth in perceptability. Whereas an experience presents
itself to our individual nature, and we are to act or not react. Not reacting
always results in the same outcome, usually nothing, except perhaps
regret. Acting upon a new experience, this being something abnormal,
or unexperienced, or even abstract and mysterious or challenging,
allows for a new way to think...a new way to perceive. That a crow
or four might ask you to follow them down a path...and then center
you, individual at the moment, in a small opening to the sky,
their bodies in the four directions, would seem to be a map...and
you, the individual are the compass. Choosing to dance for them
may come in many forms of action, not just dancing, but you chose
to they watched you dance, and waited patiently for your
decision as to the direction in which you knew was The Way. They
perhaps were asking YOU for directions! Nevertheless, your dance
allowed them enough knowledge and directability to guide you through
to The Great Oak...and their you were amazed and mystified by the power
of the tree...and even before you could soak it all in, so excited were these
four crows at your susceptability to their question of direction, did they seek
to guide you even further down this path, to not just one tree, but an entire
forest of Ancients. Where the fear is in your story is unannounced. I do not
see fear in the story, I thought perhaps you were too tired, but you claimed
you were afraid. So one crow came back, a sign of solidarity and singular
in way back...and you left the edge of great power and mystical
fervor...for what might be within this forest, but the Great Ancient Crow, awaiting
your arrival, to ask you plainly, "Which way shall I go?" (that being you, Crow Woman)

That you have stumbled upon a space where suddenly you are
questioned as direction, without words, by amazing in and of itself.
But that you answer this question with the hands of a compass whirling and
dancing about until these four crows state claim to the correct Path for you,
even more so amazing. Try to understand this as a symbiotic experience where
you are faced and led, then proclaim great and animated passion, where a
parallel is suddenly unfolded. (that you answered the crows: is the reason.)

This is a perfect example of Nature speaking THROUGH the individual.
It is YOUR perceptability that causes the compass from Nature through Self.
This is a clear manifestation of the true listener or triggered comprehender
of Nature's honest expression of guidance THROUGH YOU, as an individual.

Four Crows appear before you not three feet away.
You stare into them closer than you have ever been.
After a few moments they leap into the air.

...this was first contact...

In flight they decide to test your worthiness.
They circle, FOR YOU, above, then beyond where you are.
Bewildered and curious, you follow.

...this is first trust...

The Four Crows are now perched in Four Trees in Four Directions.
You enter: THEIR CIRCLE.

...this is first test...

(a test on multiple levels, not just worth, but trust in your own courage,
strength in creativity, and willingness with the Great Mystery.)

You dance as a Crow. Seemingly following instinct, you speak
to Crow as you create your own guidance, you, through Crow,
Crow, through you. Crow Sees this.

...direction is you...from them...through them...

This is a cyclical ritualistic knowledge as understood through instinct.
They appear, you See them, they See you, they fly away encircling,
and then land, you follow, now, you encircled, a sortof "scoped"
perspective: from their height: of their circle, down through the trees: to you.

Guidance then, is met with trust and willingness by Crow and individual. are guided to The Great Oak...

Here the energy of The Great Oak is almost overwhelming.
The journey was long to get here...but the energy of The Great Oak
is almost enough to regain all of your physical strength.

...a destination has been allowed you...

You have been guided to your Sacred Space.
It has spoken to you with energy and amazement.
Then Crow says, wait, there's more...

...a forest of Sacred Spaces has been shown you...

But in this story, she is afraid of this final path.
Perhaps what she is calling fear is simply
fatigue and being overwhelmed. As well,
Crow may be simply showing you that it is
not just the one Great Oak, there is an entire forest
of Great Energy to feed you whenever you are ready,
and it is alright if you are not ready, we are here when
you ARE ready.

...Crow sees your stand, and as one, Crow guides you back...

Complete. A complete guidance. Initiated by a woman and four crows.
She simply went down the path and was met by Four Crows.

One of the main factors to understand here, that one will only
completely understand if experienced, is that this language
of Nature, the Natural World we all inhabit, is not closed,
it is incredibly open, IF: you are respective to it. This language is
your own language, you WILL understand. The only perspective
one needs to ultimately understand is: just that: the language is yours.
...just as it is Tree's, Crow's, River's, Ocean's, Dolphin's, Planet's, Star System's
or any creature or lifeforce or being or plant or animal or insect or element: that is Nature.

One may not comprehend this right away simply because of this simple truth.
...and not only is it YOUR language, it speaks THROUGH YOU.
You ask Crow a question, suddenly it is you who is being asked the question,
and when Crow answers, suddenly it is you who are answering...and the
other way around, and intermingling as well, and in parallell! There is no
right or wrong way in this either IS or IS NOT.

This adaptation to the language of Nature is applicable to "people
interaction" as well...we may speak THROUGH each other simply because
of the ways we speak TO each other. You may have a question for me, and
as I answer your question, I am answering my own questions on a different level
of comprehension, a sortof interwoven 'thought progressive' that allows our
'frequency interaction communication' to communicate on a multicomplexual level.
Whereas I may not be asking you how I might solve some dilemma I am having,
but there is a frequency occurring from within me of this nature...and you may
not be asking me "what time is it?" but you are emitting this frequency and question,
and as I look at you, I look down to my watch and express out loud that "it is
9:23 in the morning, I need to have a snack..." and as I am snacking, an epiphany
regulates my meal into the answer to my dilemma...whatever that may be.

The meaning behind this is simply this: I have questions I may not even know
my frequency levels are emitting, or I may not even be conscious of what my
subconscious is attempting to understand, but every interaction I have with
anybody or anything, basically any element of the entirety of all existence,
these frequencies are constantly communicating with each other, my field
of energy, from the inner most depths of my being, to the circle of energy
that is my field of energy, (wherever I may be), to the field of energy that
is alotted every space or place or being or element to some degree or another,
there is this constant capacity for communication on these intuitive frequency levels.

...and the communications may not just be one thought or conclusion,
SEVERAL parallels can occur at once, in less than any time that can be read,
it only takes Seeing this to see it. To be willing to understand is all that it takes.
...and to practice this merely takes existing.

We are frequencies. As are our thoughts. As is everything: a Path to your knowledge.

Communication is only limited by our capability to recognize communication.
Who knows who might be speaking with you until you know you CAN listen.

There may be energy just before you wherever you may go and within you.
Knowing how to listen is this development of your own language.
The language that is everywhere individual, the language that is
everywhere: ALL OF CONSCIOUSNESS, the language that is forever and
never all at once beyond each one of us and within.

We are one cosmic trigger away from understanding everything and nothing.