There's a World

There’s a world that seldom shakes when I am waiting for the water’s dripping beams of dancing lights upon the waves that stream
between a reel of teasing : like The Moon that casts a Path to Sun’s revealing presence, rabbit leaps the tiger sleeps, The Jaguar Wakes
and all are feeding :
Consciousness is waking all the eyes that slept beyond these walls, there never was a Precious, yet illusion creeps as
systems fall : betwixt our hearts we witness truth : and truth is witnessed yet beyond them : Skies may fall : they’re filled with men that never
lived, yet came, then left us . . .

I am here : and I am there : and I am where we’ve never been : yet once became : become is none : yet once beyond and parallel this :
shade of red : is golden blue : and true, you knew I’d shed these walls eventually : it’s always been : becoming me : The Path yet Seeing.
. . .
a certain stare will sharpen focus, broaden tones and shatter demons, tremble minds and wake the kind of power one may amplify this :
SIGHT we see that we may dream upon this dream, enchantment streams of every day may spiral spinning lives into this Path of Balance.