Water Movie Defined


Water Movie was created for a Myth and Symbol project.
This project, song included, took 8 weeks to accomplish.

Water is about finding and creating balance and communication --> with all of existence <--
for the purpose of creating communication and balance.

The movie is called Water. Water is life. Water is Consciousness. The story that
these images create is one of purpose and parallel. These stories can create metaphors
or exacting truths. Nevertheless, it is always up to you what you might believe or comprehend,
and this movie is for every individual, or those who seek individuality, for it is our past that has
shaped our now, and here we are: because of it all. Where each one of us goes is up to
each one of us and all of us, the individual and the collective.

But whose collective is it?

Is there more than just one collective? Perhaps, even so, oddly enough, darkness is
darkness and light is light, and we are in between, existing as the very definition of their
compatible nature. Where one is, the other is not, yet they blend, shape, and form reality
in such a way that we might have clarity into the depths of clarification; a tangibility, to know.

This movie is not to imply religion, but to comprehend the strong beliefs of our ancient cultures;
the very beginnings of our comprehensive journey through Myth, and how it has formed who
and how we are now. I was inspired to create this in the way it was created. It is a theoretical,
spiritual, philosophical, and psychological journey through Jungian perspective as well as the
perceptions of the individual as one is parallel to the collective; one thought, all of consciousness.
Gods, Goddesses, masks, Guardians, Keepers, Gates...we are who we are regardless of any of it.
But ARE WE: who we are BECAUSE of any of it...your perception welcomes you through to your River,
and we'll all meet in the Ocean.


The story begins and evolves through a blue primordial watersoup of creation, the first
creation being that of a humanoid. The song sings "Fear is not the answer," seemingly into
the infant's infinite mind as a subtle and essential truth of existence. The feature, then programming,
smokes into vision: a Huastec Warrior (Aztec) who is eliminating the cold reactive energies he
has been dealt. The next verse sings of "Our belief within you," this speaks in terms of tribe to warrior,
as well as mate to mate: a proclamation of trust...then suddenly the Earth is struck by ships who seemingly
land on the surface of Earth and immediately fly off of Earth simultaneously. The third such strike causes
the Earth's rotation to go the opposite direction, our present direction. This is meant to express possible
theories of Earth being a frequent landing zone for beings from other worlds. Then we see Earth blend into
an apple and this apple begins to emit smoke...this is meant to symbolize the knowledge of good and evil.
This plays off the theory that the planet was seeded by otherworldly beings from the beginning of existence
here, and that this knowledge is both projecting and retracting from the world in great metamorphosis
of the minds of the people of this world. The apple then morphs into a brain, this brain being every
individual brain on this world inhaling the knowledge of all that is...and then the mind becomes a turtle
shell protecting the Earth while simultaneously imprisoning it. Then the lyrics read, "Open, close off, giving,"
revealing an image of The Golden Gate Bridge and Keeper, symbolizing the bridge from our minds to the
minds of the beings who seeded us. Then the song goes through personal creations and needs that I
have projected in parallel, and experiences to these theories: of seeding beings. The song emulates,
"everything you're giving," as The Rosetta Stone is flashed on the screen. The lyrics then verbalize,
"everything we're feeling," while simultaneously flashing through images of the two headed snake,
the Flowing Mandala Geight Star(144)(symbolizing epic balance), a seeding energy projectile, two scepters
of Kawiil (or two rulerships) and the womb of the multisexual Golden Gate Keeper(Isola), as the womb is seeded.
Then we see the Earth brain being seeded by an energy projectile. This seed goes far within the individual mind.
Here we see reptilian energy being comprehended into the Earth mind, and then the mind changes into
two minds, or duality. A thin veiled snake appears between the two minds. Then appears the wings of a Bumble
Bee trying to fly and spiraling horns appear as does the all seeing eye in the pyramid, and two Brazilian Tree Frogs.
As well what is shown at the head between the horns is the Belt Mask of Pakal (meaning shield) made into a
two headed mask with a third eye and a Mantaray in the center. A painting by Peter Birkhauser is
shown riding by through the sphere, a nocturnal energy on a horse, this man has four arms symbolizing
wholeness and is black (or nocturnal). Then the mood of the song shifts forward stating,
"It takes aggression further," while flashing the face of a Mayan Sun God. Then the song iterates,
"far beyond your torture, " while flashing into existence a Land's End Ocean Spirit, the shooting of
a spaceship of Greys into The Void of abyssal waters, and an image of Dante as he travels through Hell.
The song then expresses, "into focused balance," as a spinning male Water deity with male genitalia
that is seemingly glowing and sparkling fire energy: ejects his genitalia and the genitalia becomes a starship
and is chased by four spinning galaxies while spiraling off the screen. Then finally, as though relieved, yet,
entempered, the song escalates into the verse, " Let your energy be free!" Here we see the Internal Star
being formed by freedom's energy, incidentally, the energy orbs are strikingly similar to the seeding projectile
energies, but only in form, not in purpose. Then explodes into existence the Internal Star System clocking
time backwards and forwards with three different levels of existence, or planes, or dimensions.
The Flowing Mandala Geight is seen here as a Horned Owl flashes before the screen symbolizing
the wise nature of attempting evolution and sight. Two Little Owls then are seen here symbolizing family or the
shining clarity of fertility comprehended as the new world explodes into existence, the Internal Star System is still
clocking backwards and forwards, but the Earth is now visible, as are the depths of the two other planes of
existence within the world: at this time. The Internal Star System then morphs into shining orbs of light dancing
around the outer layers of Earth's atmosphere like fireflies. Then the lyrics go on to express the chorus,

"...so when this myth it proves the theories into Water,"

Dante's journey through Hell, Belt Mask of Pakal(doublesided)(Mayan Inscriptor and Architect),
Ra(Sun God), Mami Wata (Africa), Santa Marta la Dominadora(Iwa, hot force of energy in snake form),
Sekhmet(Egyptian Goddess of Healing, Eye of Ra), Quetzalcoatl Rising(Feathered Serpent God of Ancient Mexico),
an ancient Griffin(body of a Lion, Head of an Eagle, ears of a Horse), Mask of Lyoba(West African Mother Goddess),
Offering to Planetary Deity(Pre Toltec), an unknown noble(of Ancient Maya(mask), and as the word "water" is said:
two Akpogla Togpo Ekpon Mami Apouke (or Water Spirits of Africa, Mami Wata), are shown before an obsidian
mask representing Ixtlilton, Lieutenant of Huitzilopochtili, who, it was said, visited children at night to bring them
peaceful sleep(Aztec.)

"...flows in to the Ocean..."

Aztec Mask, a Baule Woman's mask with Mami Wata (Africa), Mayan Sun God, Huastec Warrior, the Indian King
(as seen in Mami Wata, Art for Water Spirits), Pharaoh, Sekhmet and Ptah(Sekhmet, Goddess of retributon,
conquest, vengeance and war, with husband Ptah, God of arts and crafts, birthed Pharaoh), Annang Ibibio
(Mami Wata from Nigeria), an ancient ballgame stone ring of two serpents intertwined(Aztec).

"...from this River's Knowledge."

Flowing Mandala Geight, The Golden Gate Keeper of "Isola," The Four Reflection Being from "One Begining,"
a recent Nasa photo of the Sun with dragon solar flare of "Fire of the Sun," platonic solids and New Vortex solid
as depicted as a Lotus Gate.

"What then, who will answer,"

Three Smoking Apples (iterating the projection of release in a great magnification of knowledge), as the
present Earth world of the present time period begins to spin out of control with multiple knowledges
being released by the world as though Earth is purifying Herself. (The Real knowledge filtering out the unreal.)

"For this tempest torture,"

The Earth is now seen through all the flags of the world spinning faster and faster through
the ancient future knowledge of The Real.

"All this love you wasted on your tests, our Nature!"

The Earth, the flags representing all of the world's countries, the platonic solids (or the creative skeletons
of all of the multiverse), the knowledge of all that has been and is, and the memories and energies of all of this
world's ancient and beginning beliefs spin faster and faster until suddenly there is nothing but a ship of
lights floating softly into a great abyss of Water.


The images involved in this movie are listed here:

a Brazilian Tree Frog
Bumble Bee Wings
Beetle Rhino
The Angel from the song "Feel."
The Flowing Mandala Geight also seen with the song "144."
The Multiple Mind from the song "Different Infinite."
The Internal Star System
The Golden Gate Keeper from the song "Isola."
The Land's End Ocean Spirit from the song "LoveHate."
The Four Reflection Being from the song "One Beginning."
Horned Owl and Little Owls
South American Iguana
an Agamid
The Eye in the Pyramid
The Rosetta Stone
an Apple
The Platonic Solids and The New Vortex Lotus Solid
a Brain
The Sun with dragon solar flare as recorded by Nasa and utilized with the song "Fire of the Sun."
Thistle Seed (a puddylike head I made with a substance called "Magic.")
A Turtle Shell
All the flags of the world images I got from CIA.gov.

.....and from these books:

Mami Water: Art for Water Spirits in Africa and its Diasporas by: Henry John Drewal
Gods and Myths of the Aztecs by: Norman Bancroft Hunt
Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya by: Mary Miller, Simon Martin, and Kathleen Berrin
Man and His Symbols by: Carl G. Jung
Mami Wata: Soul of Africa by: Konemann
Gods, Demons, and Symbols by: Jeremy Black and Anthony Green
Gods and Myths of the Ancient World by: Mary Barnett
An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico by: Mary Miller

.....come these images:

Akpogla Togbo Ekpon, Mami Wata
Annang Ibibio, Mami Wata
Aztec Mask Pendant
A Ball Game Stone Ring
Baule Woman's Mami Wata mask
Belt Mask of Pakal
Censer Stand with Sun God
Dante's Dream of a journey to Hell
Peter Birkhauser's Dream
Falcon Aegis Ra
Head of Pakal
Huastec Warrior
Indian King from Mami Wata
Mami Wata from Africa
Medallion of Santa Marta la Dominadora
an unknown noble
Obsidian Mask
an Offering Planetary Deity
Ornament of Aztec Priest Tlaloc of two headed snake
Pendant Mask Lyoba
Pharaoh, Sekhmet, and Ptah
Profile of Frog
Quetzalcoatl Rising
Scepter of Kawiil
Stucco Head Mask
Stone Relief of Griffin


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