Maybe I could feel it if I opened my mind, if I open The Kind as I open The Wine, The Vine of Rhythm of the synchronizing patterns that bind, as a union of shine, as a union of pining for The Ecstasy Ride :
The Euphoria Tribe : The Fidelity Hive : Allegorious Fly, just an apologue to root The Kundalini, The Spine, as a tribute on high, to uncover the lies (ya hear.) What if I could tell you that the energy flies,
when the wings are combined : through the wind of the mind : The Epithetic Empathetic Panegyric Divine, Aesculapius’ Sign of Andromedan Wine, The Aporetic of The Cynic just to question The
Cry of The Madrigal Rhyme of the transmuted mind to become less than time, to remember the crime, just to find what we lost and to lose what we find. Someone came to The Waves, Elders
of Space came to The Wave. I’m walkin down The Cat, an Angel's secret to climb on this emotional prime, upon The Waves of Sublime . . . I never witnessed such a Goddess that could blow
my•my mind, an eclipse of all Time, as a Moon of The Trine, the population irrigation of temptation to try, upon negation of lies, upon The Nation of Eyes : The Revolution Evolution : a Solution
to Crime : a legality tie that’s been dipped in The Wise (ya hear.) Maybe I should try to understand what’s so fly about a Serpent that rides as an amplified Tide, the calculated activated
of The Dubious Vine, The Ascension of mine . . . right through your Water and Wine : and every step a Channeled Maven Crystal Raven inclined, as The Darkness unwinds to a golden
refine, The Shadows never saw it coming, yet they seek to align, through a light to define as The One of The Nine, you see, The Purpose of The Pattern is impeccably live, to control
yet derive, and promote from inside, The Pyrrhic Path of Magic Procreative Poetry Ride, just a syllabic guide, of a life to provide, The People Sepal Petal Pistil Carpel Lotus Stigma
Style Rhythm : checkin' every Spiral : at The Pyramid : The Palindrome : The Porrect Pi of Purple Hearts : The Parallax of Partibles : The Poroscope of Patefaction : Pataphysic
Satisfaction : what will it take, just for you, just to Pearl, just to open your mind and remember The Girl :
Open your Heart and remind The Surreal, Open The Root of
The Path of The Real : The Pine of The Deal : as it comes : and it heals : appoints all The Paths that have joined us to grow, She chooses
The Ones : EVOLVE WHO CAN SOW : She owns all your pain ’til it grows : nevermore.
Your pain, nevermore. Your pain, nevermore. You’ll pay nevermore.
You’ll pay nevermore.